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Medicare Supplement Insurance in The 5 County Area

You can count on The Sumler Agency to provide the knowledge, support, and guidance you need to choose the right Medicare supplement insurance in The 5 County Area, and other plans as you move into retirement. We'll work with you to ensure that you always have exactly what you need as your health situation changes. We also offer coverage for people with pre existing conditions.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans work with Medicare A and B, minimizing loss of coverage while replacing Medicare as your primary coverage with additional benefits beyond A and B plans and coverage. Designed as a health maintenance program, this option helps to prevent serious problems by covering doctors, specialists, and more. There are some small co-payments and co-insurance fees, but out-of-pocket fees are limited.

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Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription drug plans can be included in Medicare Advantage or used as a standalone plan to drastically reduce the cost of prescription drugs with small deductibles and smaller co-pays. With this coverage, 90% of drugs are available on the formulary, and the plan is recognized across the country. This plan also provides lower-cost drugs based on your distribution schedule. For example, if you use a 90-day mail order schedule, drug costs are lower. Our insurance agency in The 5 County Area, can assist you with these plans.

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Medicare Supplements

Our Medicare supplement insurance is perfect for seniors that are regularly going to the doctor. While the packages are more expensive, they save you a great deal of money on conditions that need to be monitored very closely. Your supplement will cover doctor's visits, labs, x-rays, and they are recognized anywhere in the world. This is important for people who travel. It's also an excellent option for those with known health impairments.

These plans provide comprehensive coverage that works well with Medicare parts A and B. Contact our insurance agency for assistance today!